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Colored Candle Crush

November 8, 2017

Photo credit: Ester & Erik

For the last several months, I have been crushing hard on taper candles.  Tapers started off as the candle I loved to hate…just the wrong positioning too close to the path of an air vent and the entire candle would be gone in no time, leaving a waxy mess behind and a ruined tabletop.  For those who know me, you know I can be stubborn…so I stubbornly gave tapers the cold shoulder until I couldn’t any longer.  Now it’s a full on taper love affair.

Oh, the colors!  The widths!  The textures!  I love them all!

The thing I love the most about tapers is that they are a quick and easy way to make a statement on a table without going overboard with much else.  Simple dinner party for four?  Whip out a new box of colored tapers to send your everyday dining table over the top.  No time to pick up flowers?  Cluster an array of bright tapers on your table and voila! an instant centerpiece.

The other great thing about tapers is that they are not as pricey as the pillar candles I have loved for years.  With shorter lifespans, you can treat tapers like accessories and change it up with the season or even just your mood (why not?!).

I just used these rust tapers from Williams-Sonoma for a styled shoot at The Swan House in Atlanta.  These thin, delicate beauties looked like dynamite in the small iron candlesticks we placed them in.  This would be a great color to spruce up your Thanksgiving table! (Images from that shoot coming soon…)

Recently I planned an incredible 60th birthday celebration for one heck of a woman.  We used sleek black table candles with colorful florals on top of this dramatic table at R24 Studios.  To me, black candles were were the only way to go in this space!

These mercury taper candles from World Market may be on my short list for holiday decor.  I have a zinc dining room table and love mixed metals.  Imagine how these tapers will glisten with their reflective surfaces!

Looking for a great hostess gift as we go into this holiday season?  Who wouldn’t love these thin 12″ beeswax taper candles?  Such a chic gift, eight for just $30.

Now what excuse can I find to use these dramatic and sexy Ester and Erik tapers?  Talk about a show stopper!  …and if you haven’t heard of Ester and Erik, follow them on instagram…you’ll get lost in the colors and styles they offer!

So much eye candy, so many reasons to host a gathering!  Below are more inspiration photos I pulled from Pinterest that have my mind reeling with ideas.

I hope these inspire you as well.  Happy decorating!

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